Our Little Caravan is having a Christmas Event on Saturday 19th December between 10 and 3 pm

This Saturday only! We will have a sweet mobile café in our strip of shops in Notting Hill! How I wish it could stay! We will just have to settle for this Saturday, 19th December 2015, when Our Little Caravan holds their first Christmas Event from 10-3pm You might have noticed…I love vintage caravans! So it makes sense when other people find one…they want to share it with me. I love getting a surprise SMS with a cute, little, restored, van that someone has found on a country road, or one that has been converted into something clever by its new owner. I have met Narelle Adams, the owner of Country Heart, only once face-to-face, in August, when we held our “Grand Opening” for Our Little Caravan; The Collective Store. She and I share similar visions for our businesses. We both want to use them to support people, by providing opportunities for them to use their talents and abilities in a supportive environment, which could lead to further work elsewhere. Narelle brought the 1970’s Franklin caravan that she had renovated and transformed it to sell coffee. It is suitably named “Frankie”.

Narelle’s business is called Country Heart. It is based in the Yarra Valley, but of course it can travel to events! http://countryheart.com.au/  

This was Frankie when Narelle first bought him. They’ve done a gorgeous renovation job.


Love love LOVE the pressed tin splashback!

The Country Heart Caravan attended our Grand Opening Day on August 22nd. The day was sunny and much coffee was consumed. It was lovely to meet Narelle in person. Of course, I wish the Country Heart Coffee Caravan could be a permanent fixture at our shop! We will just have to settle for special events. Like THIS weekend! Yes that’s right. This Saturday, 19th December 2015, Our Little Caravan is having their first Christmas Event from 10 – 3pm. Heaps of great activities and workshops will be running for the kids, and Narelle is bringing the Country Heart Caravan to Notting Hill! Come on down and say hello to her. She makes a great coffee. Always tastes better from an old caravanOur Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - Birthday Parties