Our Little Gardens arrive at My Little Caravan in time for our January School Holiday Program

Our Little Gardens arrive at My Little Caravan in time for our January School Holiday Program…

I have a lovely English friend, who’s name is Emma. Emma and I met when our sons began prep together at the local primary school a number of years ago.

Late last year when Emma and I were catching up over a cup of tea, and I told her about an idea I had for a new class in My Little Caravan. Miniature Gardens… “Oh” she said, “You mean a garden on a plate? We used to make them all the time when we were children for our school fete! You’d take a paper plate and then use moss, bark, soil, small stones, twigs etc to make a mini garden. Handbag mirrors made great little ponds and lolly sticks could be used in all sorts of ways. Plasticine or modeling clay made a good base for anything that needed to stand up”

Our Little Caravan - Our Little Gardens

Miniature gardens are not a new idea. But they are enjoying some renewed popularity. I love this story as told in: Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship, By Colin Durie, about CS Lewis discovering the joy in one…

“About the same time that Tolkien is fascinated by the Welsh place names on coal wagons, a much younger Clive Staples Lewis has his own epiphany. His six-year-old brother, Warren Lewis, runs into the nursery and he carries the lid of a biscuit tin filled with moss, flowers, and sticks to proudly show his younger brother. Warren has made the lid into a miniature pretend garden by carefully lining it with moss, and artfully pushing flowers and twigs into the mold.

His brother’s toy garden in fact contributes to his imagination of Paradise ever after.”

And as we know, from his stories about Narnia, quite an imagination that was!

Our Little Caravan - Our Little Gardens

Someone else with an artistic imagination is Steph, “The Fairy Maker” and we share a love for old caravans! Steph has recently renovated her caravan into a fairy cave, and now she takes it to local markets and it is full of polymer clay creations all handmade by her very creative self.

Our Little Caravan - Our Little Gardens
Steph, The Fairy Maker and My Little Caravan are excited to be collaborating in 2016, and will be launching “Our Little Gardens” You can now attend a class at Our Little Caravan: The Collective Store, in Notting Hill, Melbourne, where you will be given your own artificial “land” in a saucer. From there, you will be given guidance as to how you can “Moss It Up!” and choose from 5 differently themed packages to decorate your land.
Our Little Caravan - Our Little Gardens

  Our first workshop options will be on Wednesday 19th and Friday 22nd January 2016. They will be $35 per 2-hour class and run from 1-3pm. Suit ages’ 5 and up. Bookings essential.

Email us for more details.

We’ll be running classes for grown ups soon. We think this is an activity for all ages!

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