Our Little Caravan - Handmade Vintage Crafts - Children's Birthday Parties
Our LIttle Caravan - Children's Biirthday Parties - Craft Parties for Children

This is Paul Joy...

Paul received his first calligraphy set at the age of ten and has been messing about with handmade lettering and scripts in his spare time ever since.  He works as a teacher and a school chaplain in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys lettering on the whiteboard in class and making colouring pages to help reinforce lessons for his students.  Paul is an inspiring speaker and regularly intrigues and keeps his audience engaged with his creative and predictably ‘unpredictable’ presentation style. He delivers a powerful message of hope and loves to challenge people to strive to become the best versions of themselves.

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - Christina

This is Christina Douglas:

… she’s a part time primary school teacher and mother to 3 sons as well as the owner of Mabel the 1969 Vintage Viscount Ambassador.  What started as a “girl cave” in the back yard, Read more about that here; has become a studio to enjoy craft with like minded children.

For Christina there’s nothing she loves more than making things pretty, organising stuff, being creative with arts and craft, building relationships… and planning parties.  That’s when she’s not spending time with her school students and her family of three busy, and growing sons. Christina holds a current registration as a primary school teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, as well as a Working With Children’s Check. She also has an up to date first aid certificate.

Crafternoons and children’s craft parties in Mabel, the vintage caravan, are currently held where she is “parked” at the back of Our Little Caravan: the collective store, 39 Westerfield Dve, Notting Hill, Melbourne.