Our Little Caravan - Handmade Vintage Crafts - Children's Birthday Parties
Our LIttle Caravan - Children's Biirthday Parties - Craft Parties for Children

The stockists who make the vintage style, handmade gifts and homewares within Our Little Caravan, are a community of local and independent artists, designers and craftspeople. It began with Christina (who owns Mabel, “My Little Caravan”) renovating a vintage caravan, with the intention of turning it into a craft studio/girlcave (for herself…she’s got 3 young sons- do we need to say anymore?)

Vintage Handmade Crafts Craft Workshops
Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops

This led to some friend’s little daughters asking if they could go in there too…which led to someone asking to have a birthday party, and she was having so much fun with it all…she let it lead to a webpage and small business. www.mylittlecaravan.com.au

In the meantime, she was part of a handmade craft group of school mums from the local primary school. These women got together regularly over lunch and their handmade craft projects. But it was more than just that. There was great connection within the group, as well as amazing talent.

So, an idea began to brew, and it grew until it was undeniably stronger, to find a local shop to facilitate a vintage style boutique collective store for local, handmade, affordable art, craft and design.   Mabel, My Little Caravan would relocate out of Christina’s back garden and into the back of the shop. In August 2015, Our Little Caravan began.

Vintage Handmade Crafts CRaft Workshops
Vintage Handmade Crafts Craft Workshops

When you buy a handmade item at Our Little Caravan, you are directly supporting the local residents who crafted them.

Please contact us if you want prices for bulk purchases or if you’re interested in fundraising ideas for Kindergartens and school etc,

Also, if you’d like “Our Little Caravan” to bring our pop up shop with vintage style handmade crafts, gifts and homewares to your school market or community event, or enquire about Mabel the vintage caravan, contact us about prices and arranging a suitable time.