A Few Interesting Facts About Scented Candles

Candles are no longer what they used to be. It has been a really long time since candles were just a block of roughly-shaped wax enfolding a band of wick used for burning and lighting. The candles of today are scented candles and the purposes they are used for have quite a while ago exceeded the old-time conceptions of using the candles just as a source of light.

Scented candles are the perfect decoration for your home, they are beautifully designed and their fragrance fills up the air with warmth, coziness and tranquility. They are ideal for turning an ordinary night at home into a lovely sweet-scented experience adding a touch of romantic ambience.

When buying these candles customers should look for high-quality pieces. Sometimes they should spend a bit more and get scented candles rather than no scents at all, or candles that blown out once can never be relit again. Most of all read the ingredients and make sure you are aware of what you and your loved ones are breathing.

These candles are enriched with fragrance oils especially made for candles. Unlike the oils used in lotions, soaps, shower products, cleaning products and air-fresheners candle odors are especially designed for a maximum time-release.

They are made of blended wax that can hold only a limited quantity of fragrance oil. If candle manufacturers try to use a larger quantity of cheap, low-quality scented oil (in order to achieve rich-in-pure-odor candles) they cannot do it because the extra oil will start flowing out of the wax like water.

The candle market is full of a huge variety of scented candles. They come in different colors – bright-colored, one-color or comprising a mixture of colors. They also differ in shape – round or square, cone-like or sphere-like. They are also differentiated according to their source materials – they could be made of beeswax, plant wax, paraffin, soy or tallow. Scented candles can also have diverse fragrance strength. Some candles emit a mild scent that lasts for a long period of time; others have a strong, persistent odor that eats up the wax quite quickly.

The widest variety of scented candles, however, is as per their aroma. They could be scented with lavender, sandalwood or chamomile odor that has a calming and stress-reducing effect. Tangerine-scented candles have energizing effect and are used for cheering up a sad and grumpy person. If customers want to feel calm, relaxed and at total ease, they could boost their spirits lighting a candle scented with bergamot. Seasonal candles are not to forget – there are pine candles expiring Christmas atmosphere, chai candles for the cold winter days and melon-scented or berry-scented candles for the fresh summer days. For the flowers-loving people there is a huge range of flower and exotic fruits odors – vanilla, roses, peppermint, grapefruit or orange.

No matter if they are used as a decoration or for cleaning and freshening up the air, scented candles have turned into a must for today’s home, office and even garden.

Source by Marco Gonzalez

How to Make Candle Wax Yourself From Scratch

If you want to learn how to make candle wax and how to make a candle then you have come to the right place. I am going to go over the process step by step and teach you how to make a gel candle and gel candle wax. Now if you have tried to do this before I am sure that you have noticed that the gel to make candles with can be very expensive, to add to this, just going out to buy a gel candle can also be pricey. There is no reason to spend so much as you can make it easily at home for less then half the cost! Are you ready to learn how to make candle wax and how to make a candle? Alright then, let us begin!

Step # 1. First start off by mixing 1 lb of mineral oil with 1.25 oz of resin powder. Take your time and mix well. This is going to create gel with a high density which is great for allowing more fragrance in the candle. When you are done mixing then set the mixture aside for an hour.

Step # 2. Alright the hour is up! Now you are going to mix it again, this time to remove any lumps that have formed while you were waiting.

Step # 3. Now when it comes to learning how to make candle wax this is the part where you are going to want to take it slow to avoid any injury. You are going to take a boiling pot and put the mixture in it. Begin to heat the mixture on a low heat and slowly turn it higher. The mixture is first going to turn clear, then it is going to turn in to gel, and then it is going to harden. Now use a thermometer as you do not want the temperature to exceed 220 degrees. This process is going to take around 2 hours so just be patient, read a book while you wait or watch a movie, just keep an eye on the mixture and stir often. If the gel becomes hotter then 220 degrees it could burn so check the temperature regularly.

Step # 4. After the 2 hour mark the gel should be liquid are now it needs to cool. You are going to need to pour the liquid in to a container and let it cool for a while. The liquid is going to harden, when it does then this is the time to seal it, make sure the lid is tightly on there. Now you can put it away for future use or you can use it now!

Step # 5. You want to learn how to make candle wax, well what would be the point if you didn’t learn how to make a candle as well. You are going to need a glass container that is sturdy enough that it will not break when you pour hot liquid in to it.

Step # 6. Take the wick and super glue it to the bottom of the glass container, this is important as the wick will move around a lot if it is not secure.

Step # 7. Now you are going to cut some of the gel out of the container and put it in to a boiling pot and heat it up, once again to 220 degrees.

Step # 8. When the gel melts then you pour it in to your glass container, make sure that the wick is straight and not covered in the wax.

Step # 9. Let this sit for 24 hours and there you are! You just learned how to make candle wax and how to make a candle out of gel! I hope that this helps you and thank you for reading! Good luck, be safe, and have fun!

Source by Jason Kinech

See you at the Summer Market tomorrow at Our Little Caravan…

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops

ur Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Craft - Craft Workshops

Our Little Caravan - Summer Market 11th February 2017

The weather will be fine and it’s sure to be a wonderful event. Sarah has put in an enormous amount of effort into organising this market in partnership with the Notting Hill Neighbourhood House, and we’re really thankful to have her on the Our Little Caravan team in order to do so. Thank you Sarah!

Another event coming up very early in March, and organised by another valued member of the Our Little Caravan team, is Leanne who has secured our performer for our first live music event for the year. Al Parkinson and the babes! When you see this lady perform, you will immediately feel like Al Parkinson is an old friend. At our first live music event for the year, Al will be bringing 3 friends along as back up vocals, and we are in for a real treat. Al’s hilarious onstage banter is the perfect compliment to her soulful voice, playful ukulele, and wonderfully constructed songs of love and loss. Stories to which everyone can relate. Stripped back like old time blues, her music is what music should be; Honest and real.

March 3rd and the tickets are selling fast. Don’t delay booking if you intend to come to this fantastic event. You can book by scrolling down to the bottom of the Our Little Caravan home page.
http:// www.ourlittlecaravan.com.au

Inchmeal Cafe will be open to purchase hot drinks and light snacks on the night.

Our Little Caravan- You might like this

Lastly….I (Christina) was interviewed on a podcast last week!  It was about all the things I have learnt along the way since setting up Our Little Caravan; the collective store.  If you’d like to listen, the link is below, or you can search “Create and thrive (episode 90) with Jess Van Den”


Have a lovely weekend…we hope to see you at the market!

Our Little Caravan - Drop in and Craft January 2017

Let the New Year Begin

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops

ur Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Craft - Craft Workshops

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - What's on Early 2017

Hello Makers and Mothers of Makers…

For all of you who have felt completely unproductive in January with all the kids around and about, (like me) then relax, because February is the new January anyway!  The kids are back to school…and we are excited about the year ahead at Our Little Caravan and Inchmeal Cafe.

The next 5 months are very important, as we work hard to create a viable social enterprise, that can re-sign a lease (at the end of June) for a further three years.  You can help us continue to get the word out by telling those you know about Our Little Caravan, or like us/share us on social media.  We don’t want to be a “hidden” gem anymore!

Here’s what’s coming up!

My Little Caravan has 5 party bookings already in Feb! (if you’ll remember, it’s the shortest month of the year!) We also have a steady stream for the future months too. Please remember to allow plenty of time regarding a party date, as we can only take one party at a time in My Little Caravan, and weekends are the most popular time to celebrate. 

We are holding our first of five Artisan markets for 2017 on Saturday 11th Feb, from 11-3pm in partnership with the Notting Hill Neighbourhood House.  This will again run along the shop fronts as well as in the Neighbourhood House grounds.  We have over 20 stalls and an ice-cream van!
Every Wednesday beginning at 10:30am in February we are holding a Mum and Me class, open to anyone, but especially for those mums looking for a special activity to do with their Foundation Year aged school child who may have Wednesdays in February off. $25 includes morning tea for one grown up and one child, and a different craft each week in February.  Wednesday 8th Feb: dancing ribbon rings, Wednesday 15th Feb: weaving art and Wednesday 22nd Feb: seashell collages.  All activities are excellent for developing fine motor skills, which is an important requirement when you are a school beginner.
We are still welcoming new stall holders in 2017.  Do you know anyone who’d like to join us?  Tell them to come and visit.  The terms and conditions are very generous, as we are a social enterprise dedicated to supporting micro businesses.  We like to think of ourselves as a “brick and mortar etsy store”  

We will continue to run a regular “drop in and craft” for grown ups on Tuesdays during our trading hours. Join Jac (the Crochet Queen) as she crochets (she will even give you some tips if you ask) Only $7 to use the OLC HQ space, includes a regular coffee from Inchmeal Café.  BYO craft project of any type to work on in the company of others.

We look forward to seeing you at Our Little Caravan&Inchmeal Cafe soon.

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Upcoming events in Our Little Caravan Early 2017

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops

ur Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Craft - Craft Workshops

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - What's on Early 2017

Hello Makers and Mothers of Makers…

I am currently enjoying the school holidays with our three sons and preparing for a busy year ahead in Our Little Caravan: the collective store.  Every week there is something new, it’s a really dynamic place full of inspiration and gorgeous things.

Please come and visit us when we re-open this coming Wednesday 18th January at 7am for coffee and a variety of low cost, simple DIY craft during our Drop in and Craft Sessions. DON”T FORGET to bring in any knitting or crocheting that you have for our yarnbombing project! (The street pole we’re decorating has a diametre of 20cm.) 

Please see below for January Drop in and Craft Sessions available to avoid disappointment.
There are 6 Crafternoon Workshops available for booking too.  See below for details. 
We welcome adults to join in with our Crafternoon Workshops while they are on holidays(not including terrarium workshop)

Our Little Caravan -Artisan Markets 2017

Our Little Caravan Artisan markets are held at Our Little Caravan, 39 Westerfield Drive, NottingHill and flow onto the street. We also partner with the Notting Hill Neighbourhood house next door.

We have a limited number of indoor stalls and the rest are outdoors and sheltered.

Indoor space is $35 for a trestle table space (you can hire a table for an additional $10 payable at time of booking)

Outdoor spaces are slightly larger. As we are along the shopfronts they are not 3x3m spaces – they are one to two trestle tables in size.

Applications for 2017:


Craft Drop In Sessions: 
Please check the times available before visiting OLC to avoid disappointment. 
At a Drop in and Craft session, you are welcome to bring your child along at a time that suits you between the session time we are open for craft and stay and choose from a variety of low cost projects.  These include our popular glass tiled pendants, fabric covered buttons, fun with washi tape, DIY scrabble tile frames and lots more. Morning or afternoon tea can be enjoyed at Inchmeal Cafe.

Our Little Caravan - Drop in and Craft January 2017

Friday 27th January

10-3pm: Princesses and Pirates Theme Day: Sarah will be hosting a Drop in and Craft with a theme on Friday 27th January.  All crafts will be pirate and princess! You are welcome between 10-3 to drop in with your children and get crafting.  No bookings required

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - Princess and Pirates Day
Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - SchoolHoliday Programme - Children's Sewing

Wednesday Jan 18th 11-1pm
Beginners Sewing 

In this workshop, your child will learn all about the sewing machine, from safety to threading.  You will spend time practice sewing and then take those new skills and put them to use on a small sewing project- a zippered pouch

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - SchoolHoliday Programme - Knitted Baskets

Thursday January 19th  11-1pm
Knitted baskets using up-cycled t-shirt yarn

In this class you will learn how to turn your old t-shirts into a beautiful eco-friendly and funky small basket. These skills will enable you to start your own projects at home.

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - SchoolHoliday Programme - Caligraphy

Monday Jan 23rd 11-1pm
 Calligraphy and Journal Making

In this class you will personalise your own notebook, or frame a quote while learning the basics of brush lettering. You will learn the various techniques such as calligraphy, pen and brush.

You can bring a favourite quote or saying to use as your inspiration

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - SchoolHoliday Programme - Chilldren's Terrariums

Friday Jan 20th 10-12pm
Wednesday 25th Jan 10-12pm

Children’s Terrariums with Jem from Source Koncept
$55 each child and $45 if you bring a friend
Details and bookings: email hello@inchmealcafe.com

In this class you can create your own terrarium, and build on it with pieces available from our store.  You will come up with a theme for your garden.  Romantic and English, or peaceful and simple.  Will parties be held there or is it a fairy-tale garden?  A little pond with a bridge, or do dinosaurs roam the landscape?  The possibilities are endless. All materials and morning tea supplied.

Our Little Caravan - Vintage Handmade Crafts - Craft Workshops - SchoolHoliday Programme - Beginners Polymer Clay Class

Tuesday Jan 24th 1-3pm
Beginners PolymerClay

Learn about polymer clay and make a strand of beads.  Learn how to condition your clay and mix colours. Choose from our selections of embellishments to put that special touch on your very own necklace, or learn how to make miniature figurines.